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This page includes all my completed projects, just to show that some things have been successfully finished and not quietly abandoned through abject failure! 


Build Electronics Workshop v1 in Garage

Build Electronics Workshop Power Distribution

Original Workshop in Garage
New Workshop in Study
Spectrum Analyser Stack
Damaged HP 8553B
Workshop May 2009
HP 3764A Digital
Transmission Analyser
Job Lot of Sweep Oscillators
HP 5004A Signature Analyser
HP 1980B Oscilloscope
HP 8407A based Network Analyser System
Temporary Workshop Oct 2011

Test HP 54501A 100MHz Digitizing Oscilloscope

Research HP-IB Interface Bus

Test Anritsu ME520A Digital Transmission Analyser Transmitter & Receiver

Repair LeCroy 9310 Dual 300MHz Oscillscope

Test LeCroy 9310 Dual 300MHz Oscilloscope

Started migrating whole website to SharePoint host!

Test Olson Mains Distribution Units

My original 'free for life' website was provided by Microsoft on Windows Live Spaces together with my domain.  This worked really well and provided good website statistics.

In March 2012 Microsoft gave notice that the website would close and migration to a paid for site on Office 365 was required.  Thanks a bunch Microsoft!

Stupidly I did this, just manually migrating 163 pages took many hours of work.  The new SharePoint website was not as flexible, particularly for images and statistics were no longer provided.


Test Advance PMG 12-5.5 Power Supply under load

Test MPS111 Power Supply under load

Test Farnell B30/10 Stabilised Power Supply under load

Test Kingshill S55/5 Power Supply under load

Completed migrating whole website to new host!

Test Comark 6130 Microprocessor Thermometer

Test HP 4951C Protocol Analyser

HP 4951C Protocol Analyser
New House Bench
HP 8922A Screen 
HP 8922A GSM RF Test Set

Test Electrowind Isolating Transformer CEF500

Test HP 8657B Signal Generator with Option 022

Repair HP 8657D Signal Generator

Test HP 8657D Signal Generator with Option 003, H12, H35

Repair Hitachi V-525 Oscilloscope 

Repair HP 8657B Signal Generator #1

Test HP 8657B Signal Generator #1

Test HP 11720A 2-18 GHz Pulse Modulator

Test HP 1120A 500MHz Probe

Started migrating whole website to new host again!

Completed website migration

Check Batteries In Test Equipment

Test 3rd HP 5342A Microwave Frequency Meter

Started having problems editing website pages and images.  Microsoft support recommended using IE11 instead of Edge!  Problem not resolved.  Advised by the way that Microsoft is closing SharePoint websites from March 2017!  Not providing any help to automate the process either.  Thanks again Microsoft!

Manually backed up the whole website to my hard drive using HTTrack.com 175 pages and 1042 images 55MB.

Re-built the website using OpenElement web authoring software so everything is on my PC and under my control.  Hosting is by www.1and1.co.uk
Both are providing an excellent service.

Test 2 off HP 11667A Power Splitter and check applications

Test HP 33312B Coaxial Switch and build control circuit Azur SCU119 Switch Control Unit

Test 2 off HP 8761A SPDT RF Switch and build control circuit Azur SCU120 Switch Control Unit
Test 2 off HP 8018A Serial Data Generator

Test HP 3762A Data Generator

Dismantle 2nd HP 3762A Data Generator

Test HP 4275A LCR Meter

Test Marconi Instruments 2019A Signal Generator

Test Black Star Jupiter 2000 Function Generator

Test Thandar TG102 Function Generator

New Meters &
Generators "Stack"
HP 4275A
LCR Meter
HP 8082A
HP 8410C based Network Analyser System

HP 8594E Spectrum Analyser 


Away for six months due to a Winter (Snow Birds) holiday in Spain, then an extended 'lockdown' period!

Test HP 86222B RF Plug-In

Test HP 0960-0092 DC Return and Block
(also listed as HP 5086-7144)

Test Azur ATN105 RF Attenuator

Test HP 08553-6063 DC Blocking Capacitor

Test HP 8447D Amplifier

Evaluate Marconi Instruments TF1245 & TF1246 Q Meter

Test HP 3764A Digital Transmission Analyser

Repair LeCroy 9310 Dual 300MHz Oscilloscope

Testing HP 86222B
Testing HP 3764A

Start the New Year on lockdown in the UK. This definitely makes more time available for electronics and some other hobbies, including learning to play the guitar.

Designing PIC Project with C Progamming

Test HP 3763A Error Detector

Moving house again!

Build Electronics Workshop v5 in Spare Room

Testing HP 3763A

Away for 3 months Winter break in Spain again. End of COVID restrictions!

Repair HP 8175A Digital Signal Generator #2

Repair HP 438A Power Meter

Moving house yet again!

Build Electronics Workshop v6 in Spare Bedroom

Repair HP 8901B Modulation Analyser

Repair HP 8901B

Test second HP 8175A Digital Signal Generator this one has the Option 002 Dual Arbitary Waveform Generator.

Operating Instructions for HP 8175A, see Operating HP 8175A Digital Signal Generator

HP 8175A