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HP 3780A K01 PPTS
This is a very unusual item of HP equipment. I bought this for £5 to make use of the case and rear panel. The HP 3780A Pattern Generator is used for telecoms testing and error detection. This item is a customer accessory, hence the K01 designation, and the clues are the names on the front and rear panels, plus the 2 military style connectors on the front panel. 'BRUIN' and 'TRIFFID' were British Army radio communications systems.

Front Panel showing connectors and switches
Rear Panel showing BNC connectors
Top and bottom covers removed
December 2008

Completely stripped down and all parts removed from PCB. Case, Rear Panel, PCB and BNC cable assemblies will be reused. See Azur SDU106 Signal Distribution Unit for details.

February 2011

Switches and die cast box reused for Azur ACU109 Attenuator Control Unit which is used with HP 8418A Auxiliary Display Holder.

Parts For Sale
The 2 large BNC style connectors are actually C-type RF connectors, similar to the Amphenol 82-504 Panel Receptacle.

See http://www.amphenolrf.com/products/CatalogPages/c_catalog.pdf and http://www.amphenolrf.com/products/c.asp?N=0&sid=4955700067DBE17F& for details.

The 2 Multiway connectors are Amphenol Socapex backshells for SJT (VG96912) connectors. 1 has 6 pins with 4 fitted, and the other has 37 pins with 14 fitted.

See http://www.amphenol-airlb.de/site/load.php?B=k&ID=359 and http://www.peigenesis.com/amphenol-pdfLibrary.html for details.