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The LeCroy 9310 Dual 300MHz Oscilloscope was acquired as part of a 'Job Lot' and described as 'does not power up'. This Oscilloscope extends my bandwidth capability from 100MHz up to 300MHz so should prove a useful addition to my test equipment. Suitable 300MHz probes will have to be sourced. This Oscilloscope dates from 1996 and cost $5,000.

Front view
Rear panel with GPIB and RS-232 connections
November 2011

The Operators Manual, Hands-On Guide (thanks LeCroy) and Service Manual (thanks Tony) were downloaded. Some repair work is required to get this Oscilloscope fully operational, for details see Repair LeCroy 9310 Dual 300MHz Oscilloscope.

Having repaired the Oscilloscope, I have realised what a powerful and complicated beast this is. It even provides a Spectrum Analyser function. The next task is to understand its operation.

December 2011

Working through the 3 chapters of the "Hands-On Guide" provides an overview of a DSO (Digital Storage Oscilloscope) theory, a practical introduction to the main features, and finally a detailed lesson on its more advanced features. Essential reading and practising!

LeCroy is considered to be superior to both HP and Tektronix in this field. A few measurement examples show the capability of this DSO, one of the best available.

Measuring the parameters of a square wave with statistics
FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) of the square wave
showing the spectral information
Measurement parameters of a triangle waveform
Custom parameters of a 50MHz pulse train
Averaging to remove noise from the waveform
One of the problems of only occasionally using such a complex Oscilloscope is remembering how to use its basic and advanced functions. See Operating LeCroy 9310 Dual 300MHz Oscilloscope for information. Only time will tell how much use the DSO and Manuals get. Hopefully it will prove to be an essential and reliable addition to my Workshop.

May 2016

Bought a LeCroy PP001 Oscilloscope Probe, although missing its tip. This is specified to 350MHz 10:1 10MΩ 14pF. Tested ok.

Battery B1
November 2016

Checking all the specialist batteries in my test equipment, see Batteries In Test Equipment. The 9310 has a 3.0V 0.07AHr Lithium Battery on the Processor Board, Reference B1, Part No 312590070. A Sanyo CR 2430 was previously fitted, replaced with a Maxell ML 2032 T25 3.0V 0.065AHr Lithium Manganese Dioxide (Farnell 3032000).

The Battery maintains the Real Time Clock power when the 9310 is switched off. The 9310 needs powering up occasionally to charge the battery.

November 2020

The Scope failed to start-up, so some more repair work required. Fault now repaired and operating correctly again.

March 2021

Bought two LeCroy PP002 Oscilloscope Probes in 'as new' condition. Complete in their original wallets and with accessory packs. These are specified to 350MHz 10:1 10MΩ 14pF. Tested ok. A very useful addition to my test equipment.