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The HP 86220A RF Plug-In is used with the HP 8620C Sweep Oscillator and generates a RF signal in the range 10 MHz to 1.3GHz. In 1980 this cost $2,400 with the included Option 001 Internal Leveling. The Manual was not available for download.

Front view
RF Output on the N-type connector and FM Input on the BNC connector. The FM Input can also be used for a phase lock signal. AM can be provided via a BNC on the 8620C Rear Panel. Option 002 adds a programmable 70dB attenuator which also adds a front panel switch for 10dB attenuation steps.

Rear view
Frequency Reference Output provides 1V/GHz ramp signal or 10mV to 1.3V over the frequency range 10MHz to 1.3GHz. Interface connector to 8620C Sweep Oscillator, P1 36 way Amphenol 'Blue' Plug. Option 004 moves the RF Output to the rear panel.

I haven't found an option which moves the FM Input to the rear panel, but there is obviously a provision for this.

Top view
Bottom view
The Frequency Translator and Amplifier-Detector modules can be seen in the bottom view, with the 4.2GHz Cavity Oscillator and the 2.8GHz to 4.3GHz YIG Oscillator in the upper right corner. The RF signal is generated by a complex mixing process.

August 2007

After a clean up, the 86220A worked first time. A Manual was bought from Artek. Next step is to carry out Operator's Checks and Performance Tests, which require a Crystal Detector (preferably a 8470A 10MHz to 18GHz). A Service Cable (08620-60032), or a 36 way Amphenol 'Blue' plug and socket to make up a cable, would help to test the 86220A outside of the 8620C Sweep Oscillator.

February 2010

Now that I have bought a 8471A RF (Crystal) Detector (see Accessories for details), which is good for 100kHz to 1.2GHz, and made up the Service Cable it's time to start testing. Operator's Checks are all ok. Also completed Adjustments and Performance Tests with some minor exceptions.

March 2010

Replaced with a similar unit HP 86222A RF Plug-In which covers 10MHz to 2.4GHz and has internal leveling. The 86220A is therefore now for sale. SOLD

July 2020

Found a scale for the HP 86220A which fits in the HP 8620C Sweep Oscillator.
Part Number HP 86220-00007 10-1300MHz. For sale.