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The HP 86260B RF Plug-In is used with the HP 8620C Sweep Oscillator and generates a RF signal in the range 10.0GHz to 15.5GHz. This was bought on eBay as part of a job lot. In 1987 this cost $6,125 with internal leveling included. The Manual was not available for download, although the HP 86260A RF Plug-In is similar.

Although the interior is complete, several parts were missing and repairs were required. See Repair HP 86260B RF Plug-In for details.

Front Panel with replacement N-type RF output
Rear Panel with replacement Amphenol blue plug
Top view
Bottom view
April 2010

The Manual for the 86260A will be used for testing as it is very similar to the 86260B. The 86260B includes internal leveling. This samples the output signal via a directional coupler and crystal detector to provide a leveled RF Ouput across the frequency range. Performance tests completed as far as possible.

February 2015

Replaced with a similar unit HP 86290B RF Plug-In which covers 2GHz to 18.6GHz. The 86260B is therefore now for sale. Now Sold.