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The HP 8554B RF Section is used with the HP 141T Display Section and the HP 8552B IF Section to make a Spectrum Analyser. It cost $4,025 in 1980. I have downloaded the Manual. The 8554B will operate over a bandwidth of 100kHz to 1,250MHz which covers the VHF and UHF bands.

Front view
The RF Input N-type connector has a maximum input level of +10dBm 10mW at  
50Ω with ±50Vdc.  If not used, the first and third local oscillator outputs should be terminated in 50Ω.

Rear view
Rear Panel connections to the 141T. For details of P2 see HP 141T Internal Connections. There is no connection to the HP 8444A Tracking Generator.

Top view with screen cover removed
Bottom view with screen cover removed
July 2018 
Acquired a HP 8554B and a 8554L as part of a 'Job Lot'. To be tested when I have time.

November 2018

Tested the 8554B and 8554L.  I will keep the 8554B to complete my set of plug-in Sections.  The 8554L has been sold.

Some Operating Instructions are available as a 'Quick Reference', see:

Operating HP 8554B RF Section

Full details are provided in the HP Manual, available for download. 

August 2019  
Have now sold all my 141T based equipment.