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The Tektronix Type 184 Time Mark Generator was bought on eBay UK condition unknown. The intention was to use it as a calibrator for my Oscilloscopes. A 95 page Tektronix Operation & Service Manual was downloaded from the Web.

Front view
April 2007

The 184 had an original USA style 3 Pin Plug, this was changed to a CEE22 Plug for 230V ac use. This involved a minor modification to the rear panel cut-out and transformer wiring.

The only other fault was that the "Power Light" did not come on. The original bulb was replaced with a white LED and series resistor.

The 184 generates, from a oven-controlled 10MHz Crystal Oscillator, a useful range of outputs.

1. Marker Outputs: positive going time marks of 1V peak minimum amplitude into 50Ω. Sine wave: 10nS [100MHz]; 20nS [50MHz]; and 50nS [20MHz]. Periodic Pulses: 0.1µS [10MHz]; 0.5µS [2MHz]; 1µS [1MHz]; 5µS [200kHz]; 10µS [100kHz]; 50µS [20kHz]; 0.1mS [10kHz]; 0.5mS [2kHz]; 1mS [1kHz]; 5mS [200Hz]; 10mS [100Hz]; 50mS [20Hz]; 0.1S [10Hz]; 0.5S [2Hz]; 1S [1Hz]; and 5S [0.2Hz].

2. HF Outputs: sine wave of 0.3V pp minimum amplitude into 50Ω. 2nS [500MHz] and 5nS [200MHz].

3. Marker Amplifier Outputs: positive or negative time marks of 25V minimum amplitude into 1kΩ. 1µS [1MHz] to 5S [0.2Hz].

4. Trigger Outputs: positive triggers of ≥ 0.4V into 50Ω and ≥ 2.5V into high impedance. 1µS [1MHz]; 10µS [100kHz]; 0.1mS [10kHz]; 1mS [1kHz]; 10mS [100Hz]; 0.1S [10Hz]; and 1S [1Hz]. 
All outputs tested ok.

March 2016

As I have only rarely needed to use the 184 it is for sale. Now Sold.