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The HP 4275A Multi-Frequency LCR Meter was bought as part of a job lot of equipment. The original cost was $9,000 in 1986, plus $690 for Option 002 Internal DC Bias. Downloaded Operating Manual and Service Manual.

Front View
Rear View
The HP 4275A is a sophisticated microprocessor based component measuring instrument for: inductance (L); capacitance (C); resistance (R); dissipation factor (D); quality factor (Q); conductance (G); susceptance (B); reactance (X); vector impedance (Z); and phase angle (theta); over a wide frequency range from 10kHz to 10MHz and from 1mVrms to 1Vrms. 

April 2017

In good condition and only needed a quick clean up. This 4275A was made in Japan circa 1984.

Power up display
Initial tests proved power supply rails within specification.  Self tests ok and superficial checks showed LCR functions operating ok. This is a far too sophisticated instrument for my needs and requires component test fixtures, so will be For Sale.

Top view with cover removed
May 2017

Now Sold, thanks Frederic.