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HP 11592-60016
The HP 11592-60016 Inter-Connecting Cable is a maintenance aid for the HP 141T Spectrum Analyser System.  It allows the various Plug-In Units: HP 8553B; HP 8554B; HP 8555A; HP 8556A; to be connected to the HP 8552B IF Section outside the HP 141T Display Section.

Special Inter-Connecting Cable
Plug to IF Section and Socket to LF/RF Section
This Cable is part of the HP 08555-60077 Service Kit which I have been looking for as a useful accessory for some time, but I have never seen one on eBay. These special cables are available from GLK Instruments, plus there is a Plug-In Extender Assembly HP 11592-60015 between the RF & IF Sections and the HP 141T Display Section, both very expensive though!

July 2018

I was considering making up this cable from spare parts, see HP 8553B Parts and buying a scrap IF Section to obtain the special D-Type Plug and Socket.  A quick check on eBay and there was one for sale locally for a bargain price of £20. Serendipity!

The actual connections vary between the Plug-In Sections, see HP 8552B Mating Connections for details.  However, all the pins are connected end-to-end in this Cable.

August 2019

Now sold.