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The HP 11667A Power Splitter is a two resistor type power splitter for use in network measurements where one arm of the power splitter is used for leveling or to supply a reference signal for a ratio measurement.

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April 2016

I bought these 2 11667A's from the US (thanks Steve K) and although cosmetically a bit tatty, they have been fully tested. I have trying to buy a 11667A for some years as they are essential for testing equipment up to 18GHz. The HP 11652-60009 Power Splitter operates from 100kHz to 110MHz. The 11667A is still a current Keysight Technologies part.

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Frequency Range: dc to 18GHZ
Maximum Input Power: +27dBm 500mW
Input SWR: <=1.15 dc to 4GHz, <=1.25 4 to 8GHz, <=1.45 8 to 18GHz
Equiv Output SWR: <=1.10 dc to 4GHz, <=1.20 4 to 8GHz, <=1.33 8 to 18GHz
Output Tracking: 0.15dB dc to 4GHz, 0.20dB 4 to 8GHz, 0.25dB 8 to 18GHz
Phase Tracking: <=0.5° dc to 4GHz, <=1.5° 4 to 8GHz, <=3.0° 8 to 18GHz
Insertion Loss: 6dB nominal input to either output, <=-0.2 to +0.6dB dc to
                  4GHz, <=-0.2 to +1.0dB 4 to 8GHz, <=-0.2 to +1.8dB 8 to 18GHz

November 2016

Need to check out power splitter and power divider applications. Downloaded Keysight 11667A User's and Service Guide and Keysight "Differences in Application Be
tween Power Dividers and Power Splitters" Application Note, both of which provide some information. Also given (thanks Steve K) "Choosing the Right Power Splitter: Two-resistor or Three-resistor" by Benny R Smith, for the National Conference of Standards Laboratories which provides comprehensive information.

January 2017

Restested both 11667A's for insertion loss and tracking between arms, ok.
Understand the application data.  Accurate measurements depend on cables, ada
ptors,etc., so some care is required especially at higher frequencies.

August 2019

Have sold one of the Power Splitters.