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FARNELL B30 / 10
This Power Supply was acquired as part of a 'Job Lot'. The B30/10 provides 0V to 30V dc at 10A max. The B30/10 cost £244 in 1982. There was a 5A version for £188 and a 20A version for £449.

There are 5 switchable steps of 0-6V, 6-12V, 12-18V, 18-24V & 24-30V, with an overlapping 'FINE' control between each step. Ripple and noise specification is only <1mVpp at full load. Electronic current limiting is provided together with fuses to protect against output overload or short-circuit. This is a heavy beast at 14.5kg mainly because of the transformer.

January 2012

Downloaded a data sheet but have not found the Manual yet. Powered-up on a Variac and initial tests are ok. Need to test with full-load conditions.

January 2013

After using this PSU for some time, it has now been fully tested.