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The 435B is an analogue power meter calibrated in Watts or dBm. Depending on the power sensor used it can measure power from 300pW -65dBm to 25W +44dBm at frequencies from 100kHz to 18GHz. It originally cost $1,380 in 1987. A HP Manual was downloaded from the Web.

Front view
Rear view
I use this as my spare 'bench' power meter for its analogue display, which is useful for 'peaking'. The power reference output and calibration controls are used to calibrate the particular power sensor in use.


Frequency Range: 100kHz to 18GHz
Power Range: 300pW -65dBm to 25W +44dBm depending on Power Sensor, with 10 full-scale ranges.
Power Reference: 50MHz at 1mW into 50R


Front Panel:
Power Sensor Input Special Connector
Power Reference Output N-type Female

Rear Panel:
Recorder Output BNC Female
RF Blanking BNC Female

Top and bottom views with the covers removed
Left and right hand side views with the covers removed
January 2010

The RANGE switch has different scales on removable rings which correspond to the measurement capabilities of compatible power sensors.

30W to 3mW, +45dBm to +5dBm,
HP 0350-0153 for 8482B

3W to 0.3mW, +35dBm to -5dBm

100mW to 3µW, +20dBm to -25dBm,
HP 0350-0149

10µW to 0.3nW, -20dBm to -65dBm
HP 0350-0148

Apart from a few minor scratches and the usual stickers, after a good clean up the 435B is in remarkably good condition and very clean inside. All the performance tests were completed satisfactorily, with the exception of Instrument Accuracy which needs the HP 11683A Range Calibrator.

August 2019

Now sold (thanks Alan).

July 2020

Found a scale ring for the Range Switch. HP 0350-0148 10µW to 0.3nW, -20dBm to -65dBm, for use with HP 8484A Power Sensor.  Sold.