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Two Agilent 3499A's were acquired as part of a 'Job Lot'. The 3499A consists of a mainframe, keyboard, display, power supply, controller and a computer interface. The mainframe provides 5 slots for optional plug-in cards and is used to switch various signals in R&D and Production applications. The 3499A can be operated either from a remote computer program via the HP-IB Interface Bus, or manually from the front panel. The 3499A is currently available for £1,878.

Agilent 3499A Front Panel
Agilent 3499A Rear Panel
with HP-IB Card and slots for 5 plug-in cards
The 3499A is an updated version of the HP 3488A Switch / Control Unit. There are various plug-in cards available, see Agilent Manual for details.

December 2011

Downloaded Service Manual with circuit diagrams in second volume and User's Manual. Stripped down and cleaned up units, all are in good condition and they are easy to dismantle, except that they use 3 different sizes of Torx screws.

Rear of Chassis with Backplane
Front of Chassis with Power Supply Unit
Switched Mode Power Supply Unit made by Artesyn providing +12V, +5.1V and -12V, although the -12V is not used.

Front Panel is connected to the Backplane with a 14 way ribbon cable. 
HP-IB Card with the screen cover removed. 
Both units powered-up and both power supply units are working ok. One unit passes its self-tests ok and the other unit has a display fault. The HP-IB cards have not been tested separately.

As I have no use for these 3499A's, they will be sold together as a working unit plus maintenance spare. Now SOLD