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The HP 86222B RF Plug-In is used with the HP 8620C Sweep Oscillator and generates a RF signal in the range 10 MHz to 2.4GHz. This was bought on eBay together with a 8620C. In 1975 this cost $3,900 with internal leveling and markers included. The Operating and Service Manual was download.

Front Panel with 1, 10 & 50MHz Markers
Rear Panel view
Top view with extra A4 Assembly (Yellow Handles)
Bottom view
November 2019

The B version is an enhancement on the HP 86222A RF Plug-In as it has 1MHz, 10MHz, 50MHz and External Markers. Cleaned up and carried out adjustments ok. Have the correct scale for the 8620C. Need to complete performance tests.

May 2020

The Power Level control has a problem as it continuously rotates. See Repair HP 86222B RF Plug-In for details.

June 2020

Performance tests have been completed.