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The HP 8621A RF Section is used with the HP 8620C Sweep Oscillator and can generate a RF signal in the range 100 MHz to 12.4GHz depending on the 86300 series RF Module fitted. This particular 8621A is fitted with a 86351A 10.7 - 11.7GHz Module.

In 1972 the 8621A cost $300, plus options: 004 $75; 010 $650; and 100 $400. The RF Modules cost: 86320A $1,750; 86330A $1,850; 86331A $2,100; 86341A $1,650; 86342B $1,950; 86350A $1,950; 86351A $1,650; and 86352A $1,850.

In 1973 the 8621A was superceded by the B version.  See HP 86200 Series RF Plug-Ins for details of these 86300 Multi-Band model numbers, all of which were discontinued in 1984 to be supercede by the 86200 series.

Front view
The Standard 8621A was fitted with one RF Module and the 86320A Hetrodyne Module. The Multiband 8621A had an additional RF Module fitted. The hetrodyne module extends operation from 100MHz to 2GHz. Option 004 provided a rear panel RF output, Option 010 provided a 70dB Attenuator and Option 100 provided Multiband capability.

RF Modules available were: 86320A 0.1 - 2.0GHz; 86330A 1.8 - 4.2GHz; 86331A 1.7 - 4.3GHz; 86341A 3.2 - 6.5GHz; 86342B 5.9 - 9.0GHz; 86350A 8.0 - 12.4GHz; 86351A 10.7 - 11.7GHz; 86352A 8.5 - 10.5GHz.

Top view
This shows the 2 pcb's behind the front panel, plug-in oscillator module and
spare pcb connectors for second oscillator module. There is also another 20 way connector for a pcb behind the rear panel. On the side panel is a 0960-0092 DC Return and Block 10MHz to 18GHz.

Top view with oscillator module removed
Rear view
I purchased the 8621A with the intention of dismantling it for spares, especially as it is such an old unit. My 86260A needs a front panel (the 8621A is almost identical) and latch to repair it, to see Repair HP 86260A.

February 2010

The 8621A has been carefully stripped down to assembly level. The surplus parts may be of use to someone else, see HP 8621A Parts for details.

February 2011

Downloaded Operating & Service manual for B version.

August 2019 
All the 8407A & 8410C based Network Analyser System, including 8621A Parts, has now been Sold.