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The HP 59306A Relay Actuator provides 6 relay outputs that can be controlled from front panel pushbuttons or remotely via HP-IB. In 1982 the 59306A cost $875. 

Front view
Rear view
Top view with covers removed
Bottom view with covers removed
The 59306A Relay Actuator simplifies the control of external HP-IB devices. Front panel push buttons make it easy to establish and debug signal routing before a system is placed in remote operation. The 59306A provides control for a variety of devices, including microwave coaxial switches like the 8761A/B, and microwave programmable step attenuators, such as the 8494A through 8496G/H, using external dc power supplies.

Six Form-C relays provide either manual or remote management of instruments. Relays are wired to meet IEC standards for the switching of primary power and are specified to switch 28 Vdc or 115 Vac at 0.5 amps. Each switch can be programmed independently, or multiple relays can be switched together.
•Local-reset pushbutton allows immediate operator control
•HP-IB programmability facilitates remote device placement
•Front panel lights give quick indication of relay state
•All relay contacts are easily accessible
•Compact unit includes internal power supply
•Local-Reset: unless a local lock-out bus command has been utilized (usually for systems work), the local-reset returns control from remote operation to the front panel.
•HP-IB Programmability: The HP 59306A minimizes signal losses by allowing placement of microwave attenuators and switches near the signal paths.
•Custom-assembled signal multiplexing and step attenuator setups can be placed under remote control in automatic test systems.

September 2011 
The 59306A was bought together with a HP 59313A A to D Converter as they were part of the HP 8408B Automatic Network Analyser. If I have time to experiment, this might make an interesting project. 
January 2014 
Having a clearout of unused equipment and decided that the 59306A is unlikely to ever get used, so it is for sale.
March 2014 
Now Sold