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Azur Electronics

August 2006

This was the start of my electronics hobby and Azur Electronics! I needed somewhere to work in our house in Provence, France. The priority was to be able to set the equipment up and leave it until I next had time to do some more work. This used an old desk with a larger made up wooden top as a bench and some (fairly crude) shelving at the back to put test equipment on. To begin with I only had the equipment retained from my old business. Over time this grew with help from eBay France, Germany, Italy, UK & USA. 
Moving the bench around the Garage caused the castor wheels to bend because of the weight. There wasn't room for the Spectrum Analyser on the bench, so an old computer trolley and a floating cushion (off my boat) were utilised. I often wondered if this would collapse and I would end up with the heavy Spectrum Analyser in kit form all over the Garage floor!

The major problem with the Garage was that the environmental conditions were not good enough: sometimes hot, cold, damp, dry, light, dark, etc. Not conducive to R&D really. I also found out that the household insurance did not cover equipment in the Garage, this was the excuse to move the electronics indoors!

The Garage still has a bench and facilities for computers, electrical and mechanical work. One day I might even be able to fit cars in there which would restart my interest in classic cars, especially the Triumph marque. The Gloria Vitesse or TR5 would make an interesting restoration project!