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Azur Electronics

Well, after selling our fantastic self-build home unexpectedly quickly, we decided to temporarily rent a house in order to give us more time to look around and decide what to buy next.  Maybe in the UK, maybe in Spain, or maybe both!

This means that my Workshop is in a spare bedroom again, with limited space and lots of stuff still in packing boxes waiting for our next move.  Even so there is just enough room for my bench and some equipment.

A few photos for insurance purposes!
September 2021

I needed to set up a temporary bench for some design work.  A bit frustrating trying to find parts, etc.

One consequence of this latest move is having a big clearout and finding that some of my test equipment and accessories are not getting any real use, so therefore no longer required.  See FOR SALE page for details.

July 2022

Moving house again and everything is getting packed up. Some kit has been sold so a bit less stuff to move this time. Looking forward to having a decent Workshop again.