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I bought this Oscilloscope as part of a job lot of equipment. Manufactured by Hitachi Denshi in Japan and sold by RS Components 255-317 in the UK.

Front view
Rear view
October 2011

Checked line voltage setting and mains fuse. Powered up on a Variac and CRT display ok. This Oscilloscope has the on screen graphical display of parameters and measurement cursors. Superficial checks show Channel 1 vertical position not working and not triggering on either Channel 1 or 2.

Downloaded the Operations Manual and Schematics. Full service information is provided which is unusual, so this Oscilloscope should be repairable when I have time.

January 2016

It took a while to get round to repairing this Oscilloscope. Removing the covers shows this Oscilloscope is maintainable with component location on the PCBs. 
Top view with cover removed
Bottom view with cover removed
Power supplies all ok. Fault traced to 'Position Pull DC Offset' switches being open circuit, removed the switches and cleaned up with contact cleaner, now working properly. Tested all the trigger circuit and fault traced to 'Level Pull Slope' switch being open circuit. Cleaned this with contact cleaner as well, now also working ok. The switch contacts obviously became tarnished over time, made worse by not being used.

Switch contacts needed cleaning
This is a useful general purpose oscilloscope: 2 channels; 50MHz bandwidth (useable to 100MHz) 50ms/div to 50µs/div; 5" CRT; 1mV sensitivity 5V/div to 5mV/div; channel mode CH1-CH2-ALT-CHOP-ADD; trigger mode AUTO-NORM-TV V-TV H; on screen graphical display of parameters and measurement cursors; external trigger input; external blanking input; channel 1 output.

50MHz input to Channel 1
100MHz input to Channel 2
As I already have 2 Oscilloscopes, the Hitachi V-525 is for sale, together with a copy of the Operations Manual and Schematics. NOW SOLD.