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Dismantled for Spares

This was the state of the HP 8082A Pulse Generator before dismantling. Although cleaned up, it proved uneconomic to repair.
The HP 8082A has been carefully dismantled down to 'Assembly' level so that I can cannibalise parts for use elsewhere, or maybe some of it will be useful to someone else to repair their unit. Please Contact Me if you need any of these parts. 
I have the HP Operating and Service Manual to help identify all the spare parts.

Printed Circuit Board Assemblies
A1 Motherboard 08082-66501.  Has some damage to 2 slider switches and 5 variable resistors. SOLD thanks Frantisek.
A2 Power Supply 08082-66502.  Voltage rails of +10V, -5V, -10V & -25V.  Tested ok.
A3 Repetition Rate Generator 08082-66503.  2 Special IC's U1 HP 5081-3011 and U2 5081-3010 (plus spare). Tested ok.
thanks Alex.
A4 Output Amplifier 08082-66504.  A Complex Board with a Heatsink at the rear. PCB on top is A8 Amplifier Buffer 08082-66508.  PCB on bottom is A7 Delay Line 08082-66507.  4 Special IC's U2 HP 5081-3009, U4 HP 5081-3009, U5 HP 5081-3012 and U6 HP 5081-3013, plus on A8 U1 HP 5081-3027. Not Tested.
SOLD thanks Marco.
A5 Offset 08082-66505.  Not Tested.
A9 Attenuator 08082-66509.  Not Tested.
Other Parts
Rear Panel Assembly, Front Escutcheon and Front Panel with some damage.
Please Contact Me if you need any of these Parts.