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The HP 3709B Constellation Analyser is used to characterize the performance and condition of digital radios both in-service and out-of-service by analysis of constellation patterns. It also measures the linear and non-linear distortions revealed by the patterns. The 3709B cost $16,870 in 1993.

Front Panel with I, Q & CLOCK inputs
Rear Panel with Power & HP-IB connectors
Top view with insulating panel
Top view without insulating panel
Bottom view
November 2015

This was bought on eBay as part of a job lot of equipment. In good condition, it just needed a superficial clean-up and a few stickers removed. After the usual checks it was powered-up and passed its self tests ok.

Powered-up and 'Self Test Passed'
IQ Displays with no signal input
There is a good description of the HP 3709B in the HP Journal July 1987. As this is not an item of test equipment that I have a need for it will be resold.

December 2015

Now SOLD (thanks Dennis).