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The HP 59313A A to D Converter is a 4 channel converter for analogue data up to ±10Vdc to be digitised. HP-IB remote programming controls the conversion rates. Sampling can also be initiated by TTL signals or relay contacts. In 1982 
the 59313A cost $2,150.

Front view
Rear view
September 2011

The 59313A was bought together with a HP 59306A Relay Actuator as they were part of the HP 8408B Automatic Network Analyser. If I have time to experiment, this might make an interesting project.

January 2014

Having a clearout of unused equipment and decided that the 59313A is unlikely to ever get used, so it is for sale. Unusually for me I have not even taken the covers off.

March 2014

Now Sold.