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The Tektronix 468 Digital Storage Oscilloscope is a bench/portable oscilloscope with 2 channels.  
In the non-storage mode the 468 operates as a conventional analogue oscilloscope with a dc to 100MHz bandwidth. In storage mode the useful bandwidth is 10MHz with cursor measurement of time and voltage, measurement values are indicated on a LED display. Vertical deflection is from 5mV to 5V per division. Horizontal deflection is from 0.5s to 20ns per division plus there is a delayed sweep option and a x10 magnifier to 2ns per division.

The 468 cost $6,270 in 1982. This Oscilloscope was retained from my business and was last calibrated in June 2000, so well overdue for some attention.

Front view
In portable use there is a protective front cover which is also useful for probe storage.
Rear view and connectors
Rear panel BNC connectors are:
A +Gate Out 500Ω 5.5V;
B +Gate Out 500Ω 5.5V;
Ch 1 Vert Signal Out 50Ω 50mV/Div 2V Peak Max;
Ext Z Axis Input 24KΩ 25V Peak Max, positive going input decreases intensity 5Vpp causes noticeable modulation at normal intensity.

I have 2 of the Manuals: Operators Instruction Manual; and Service Volume II Instruction Manual.

Regular re-reading of the Operators Manual is recommended as this is a surprisingly complex Oscilloscope, especially in the storage mode.

Service Volume II contains all the parts lists, circuit diagrams and component locations.

I downloaded Service Volume I (thanks Didier) which contains specification, operating instructions, theory of operation, calibration, maintenance, and options.
There are also a number of other informative Tektronix publications available on the web relating to digital storage oscilloscopes.

July 2010

Carried out all the operator's checks, plus the 'making digital storage measurements' and 'making non storage measurements' satisfactorily.

September 2020

The 468 is still in regular use, a very good scope. The vertical pots have become a bit noisy and need cleaning. The rear feet have been damaged in the last few house moves so need replacing.