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The Kikusui KSG 4100 FM-AM Signal Generator generates a 100kHz to 110MHz carrier wave (CW) using a phase locked loop locked to a crystal oscillator. The CW can by amplitude modulated (AM) or frequency modulated (FM) with preset internal levels or from an external input. Output level is -19dBµ to 99dBµ. All operations are microprocessor controlled, settings can be memorised and remote control is available.

I have the Kikusui Operation Manual, but it does not contain any service information.

Front panel controls are easy to use and there is a green LED display for most functions. BNC input for external modulation and BNC output signal.
Rear panel power and remote control connector
With the top cover removed, the inside is very clean
and circuitry is well screened
July 2010

Tested the output levels which are a bit unusual, specified as -19dBµ to 99dBµ into an open circuit where 0dBµ = 1µV. The source impedance of the generator is 50Ω. The generator is intended for use with radio receivers so the output levels are low. In practice, the maximum output level is: approx 250mVpp unterminated and 125mVpp terminated in 50Ω. This equates to -14dBm 40µW max. Minimum levels are off the scale! Also tested AM & FM functions which are very versatile.

June 2015

Replaced the KSG 4100 with a HP 8657B Signal Generator. The Kikusui will now be sold.

August 2015