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The 1645A cost $2,800 in 1980, rising to $4,465 in 1987.
Front Panel with controls, connectors and display
Rear Panel with RS-232 and Centronics Printer Interfaces
"The 1645A Data Error Analyzer quickly isolates data communications link problems through six simultaneous measurements. During tests, it can be left totally unattended because it automatically maintains synchronization even in the presence of dropouts. The 1645A can be equipped with a printer for hard-copy, permanent recordings of long tests. Bit-error and block-error rate tests are autoranged and displayed directly on a LED readout, there is no need to perform any calculation. Additionally, the 1645A measures jitter or total peak distortion (the sum effect of jitter and bias), counts the number of times carrier loss or dropouts occur, measures data-error skew and counts the number of clock slips resulting from phase hits on the link or modem sync problems. With all these measurements made during the same test interval, you'll know precisely what is causing your problems in modems, data channels, complete communications systems." [HP Catalogue 1980]

Top and bottom covers removed
November 2008

I bought this 'untested' unit to scrap and make use of the various parts: power supply; power switch; BNC connectors; feet; etc, all of which would individually cost more than the complete unit.

On checking the equipment over, it is in remarkably good condition for its age, circa 1980, and complete. Removing the 2 interface cards at the rear and 11 plug-in cards from the motherboard revealed no obvious faults. After a good clean-up all was replaced. It seems a pity to scrap this unit, so I have bought a Manual and will test it when I have time.

January 2016

I'm not sure that I have any need for RS-232 data comms test equipment, although it would have been very useful a few years ago when I was involved in data comms.

September 2019

Cleaned up all the slider switch contacts as they were a bit intermittant. Passed all the self-test routines.

Down-sizing any unused equipment so this is now for sale.

May 2020

Now Sold (thanks Marc).