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HP 54501A 100MHz
The HP 54501A 100MHz Digitizing Oscilloscope was bought with a job lot of test equipment. In 1990 the 54501A cost $3,465 including 2 probes and Manuals.

Front view
Rear view
October 2011

Powered up and the 54501A works ok. This is a 4 channel digitizing oscilloscope with TV trigger, dual timebase triggering, advanced logic triggering and HP-IB programming. As I already have other Oscilloscopes, this 54501A will be resold.

Startup screen
Display screen
December 2012

The 54501A has developed a fault in the power supply. This is a complex SMPS unfortunately without a circuit diagram in the Manual.

Top view with covers removed
SMPS board
There was nothing obviously wrong with the SMPS but it was not producing an output. Difficult to fault find without a circuit so I decided to sell the 54501A as faulty, spares or repair.

January 2012