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Maybe this page should be called 'other diversions' or 'my daft ideas'.
These projects are either because of friends clearing out some old 'electronics junk', or because I saw some 'interesting' item going very cheap on eBay!

These projects are sometimes domestic items: Radios, Hi-Fi, TV's, PC's, VCR's, etc. These are all outside the scope of this website, but it is surprising that after a good clean-up and perhaps a repair, there is still a demand for this type of equipment. It's good that this equipment is recycled and makes someone else happy, plus it all helps to fund my electronics hobby, instead of ending up in a landfill site.

Grundig Multi-Band Radio
A few years ago I was given a 80286 12MHz PC, which I temporarily sealed up in a box in my garage.  Now it is working again.  For details see Repair Commodore PC40-III. Although it is good fun to use DOS again and play some legacy games, it is has now been sold. This is also a link to another occasional hobby of building and repairing computers!  See Commodore PC40-III for details.

Commodore PC
Sometimes the equipment is outside my area of interest or expertise.  This is true of all thermionic valve based equipment such as this Marconi 6600 Microwave Sweep Oscillator.  In these cases I sell the equipment via this website or on eBay.

Marconi Sweep Oscillator
I spent many years developing PAL & NTSC broadcast analogue video equipment, but now it is all obsolete. I have retained some equipment to generate and display video:

Test Black Star Orion PAL TV & Video Pattern Generator

Test Thomson Video Sender

Test Goodmans C530 6" Colour TV/Monitor with Remote Control.

Not sure if there is much point in doing this, but maybe it will be fun to work on 625/50 waveforms again!

See Analogue TV - Video for this project.