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A lot of confusion exists between Imperial and Metric measurements. In general I use metric measurements wherever possible. The other side of 'The Pond' they still prefer Imperial and 'Down Under' it's Reverse Metric .....

   +++++++   MILES a long way out. 

   ++++++     BETTER getting closer. 

   +++++       BIT a bit nearer, not the digital 'bit'. 

   ++++         TAD much better, just a tad more. 

   +++           GNATS almost there, just how small is a gnat? 

   ++             SMIDGEON no idea, just give it a shove. 

   +               WHISKER as in cat's whisker, very close now. 

   zero           SPOT ON! success. 

   -                BO**OCKS just too far, back to square one. 

   --               S**T much too far, have to make another one! 

   !!!              PATIENCE you will need it to start again. 

with thanks to various contributors :)