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February 2010

The HP 86260B RF Plug-In is missing its front panel N-type socket for RF output and rear panel Amphenol blue 36 way plug for connecting to the 8620C Sweep Oscillator. As it has a internally leveled RF output from 10.0GHz to 15.5GHz at +10dBm, it is certainly worth while attempting a repair, although there is probably a major fault for it to have been canabalised!

Stripped down the rear panel. A 36 way Amphenol blue plug was obtained from a scrap unit and wired in using the same connections for the 86260A. Without the Manual, I traced all the wiring back to the pcb's and compared it to the 86260A circuit.

Fitted a SMA to BNC flexible coax. Have not been able to find the correct N-type to SMA connector yet which uses a short length of SMA to SMA rigid coax. Also need the plastic insert for the power level control knob.

Powered-up on a Variac and surprisingly all seems to be working ok. Need to carry out performance tests next, this will need a HP 8470 RF Detector and 779D Directional Coupler. Also need the correct scale for the 8620C.

April 2010

New N-Type to SMA Adaptor arrived from Canada (thanks Kevin) and fitted perfectly.

Performance tests completed as far as possible.