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The HP 8414A Polar Display is for use with HP 8407A Network Analyser or the HP 8410C Network Analyser for displaying the relative phase and magnitude in polar form. The original cost was $2,450 in 1980. HP Manual downloaded from the Web.

Front view
Rear view
This plug-in unit contains a CRT which displays in polar form, the relative phase and magnitude of the test signal.

External Connections

Front Panel

Rear Panel
BEAM CENTRE [Not Fitted]
BLANKING INPUT [BNC] -5V blanks trace
MARKERS INPUT [BNC] -5V intensifies trace

Amphenol Blue 24 way Connector for 8407A, 8410C, 8418A Mainframes and 8412B, 8414A, 8414A Plug-Ins, see Network Analyser Internal Connections for details.

March 2007

Bought the 8414A (S/N 2030A) on eBay FR together with a 8410C & 8411A.

January 2008

Bought a 2nd unit (S/N 1144A) on eBay IT together with a 8418A.

February 2011

Started testing and both units are not working correctly, see Repair HP 8414A Polar Display  for details. Tested S/N 2030A ok and S/N 1144A is a maintenance spare.

Screen and Graticule
The screen graticule has 5 concentric rings for displaying magnitude and 360° radial lines in 10° steps for displaying the phase angle. Various overlays are available for Smith Charts and Return Loss [see Overlay Graphs for the HP8414A/B Polar Display by Chris Trask].

Next task is to work through HP Application Note 121-1 "Network Analysis With The HP 8407A 0.1 - 110MHz" to gain a better understanding of the 8414A. See Operating HP 8407A Network Analyser for more information.

August 2019

All the 8407A & 8410C based Network Analyser System has now been Sold.