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I bought these 2 units for spare parts on eBay. Their original cost is unknown but must have been many thousands! I was not been able to download the Manuals. According to the Anritsu datasheet, these are measuring equipment for digital errors of bit rates from 1kbit/s to 150Mbit/s.

Receiver at top and Transmitter at bottom
Rear Panels showing minor damage to 3 corner feet
October 2010

These arrived badly packed and there is some minor damage to the the rear corner feet which can probably be repaired as I have all the bits. The 'power' button on the Transmitter is missing but can still be switched on/off. Apart from that, they are in surprisingly good condition both inside and out. Both power-up ok but I need the Operating and Service Manuals to make much sense of them.

January 2012

Removed all the sticky labels and cleaned up both units. Powered up on a Variac and the units light up like a Christmas Tree!

Testing the System
The Transmitter appears to be working ok with the correct frequencies (704kHz, 2.048MHz, 8.448MHz, 34.368MHz, 68.736MHz & 139.264MHz) and output waveforms (AMI, HDB3, CMI, NRZ & RZ) as far as I can tell. The Receiver was locked in remote mode. Setting this to local and the Receiver functions can all be controlled with it correctly counting transmitted errors. The printer produces a list of the measurement results. Further tests are awaiting a Manual. 

March 2012

My original intention was to scrap these for spare parts, but they are in much too good a condition, so I will resell them if anyone has a need for them.