Welcome to
Azur Electronics

I am happy to say that I am an Engineer (and as the French more elegantly describe it "Ingénieur").

I am very lucky to have been able to retire early thanks to electronics.  In August 2006, I decided to start doing some electronics again as a hobby after being retired for nearly 6 years.  Professionally, I was involved in cctv security, data communications, defence equipment, fibre optics, hf radio communications, and televison broadcasting.  I am a member of The Institution of Engineering and Technology MIET (used to be MIEE, MIIE and AMIERE) in the UK.
I’m now interested in discrete electronics: transistors, integrated circuits, and passive components; as the equipment can generally be repaired and maintained.  I tend to avoid: SMT (surface mount technology) as I can’t replace or see the parts clearly anymore; VLSI (very large scale integration) as the technology is ‘black box’ which is effectively throw away and replace; mainly software driven equipment (my son is the software wizz); and thermionic valves as the technology is too old, metal chassis are involved, and spare parts are difficult to obtain.

My experience and knowledge generally covers the d.c. to 100MHz range. I’m now interested in extending the frequency range up to 18GHz, in order to cover the television and satellite bands.

My long term PLAN is:
1st to acquire a suitable range of test equipment, get it all working to specification, and then understand its operation and applications.

It's important to have a challenge!

All achieved after a massive amount of work :)
2nd to design some new electronic products which are intended to be manufactured under licence to provide some royalties.

This is an even bigger challenge!

Several design projects have been completed, still have a few more ideas to think about.