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Amphenol 'Blue' 24 Way Socket fitted to 8407A, 8410C & 8418A
The Amphenol 'Blue' 24 Way Socket is fitted to the mainframes 8407A, 8410C & 8418A and is mounted on floating bushes at the back of the right hand part of the chassis.

The Amphenol 'Blue' 24 Way Plug is fixed on the back of the plug-in Display Units 8412B, 8413A & 8414A.

Pin numbering as in the picture above is:
Pin 13 --------------- Pin 24
Pin 1 ---------------- Pin 12
 Pin Connections  Function
1 Corrected Vertical Display Input (Coax)
2 Coax Screens
3 278kHz Test Channel Phase Signal Input (Coax)
4 +20V
5 0V Ground
6 -20V
7 Blanking Signal Input
8 Coax Screens
9 -20V
10 +20V
11  Uncorrected Vertical Output (Coax) / Marker Input (8413) 
12 Uncorrected Horizontal Output (Coax)
13 278kHz Test Channel Amplitude Signal Input (Coax)
14 Coax Screen
15 -20V
16 Corrected Horizontal Display Input
17 Automatic Beam Centre Input
18 +20V
19 no connection
20 175Vac DANGER
21 175Vac DANGER
22 Corrected Display Enabling Input
23 Coax Screen
24 278kHz Reference Signal Input (coax)
NOTE: Not all connections are used for every combination of the Network Analyser Mainframes and Plug-In Display Units.

Service Cable 08410-60067 is used to extend the Display Unit out of the Mainframe for maintenance.
August 2019  
All the 8407A & 8410C based Network Analyser System, including the 08410-60067, has now been Sold.