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Olson make a variety of mains power distribution units.

These 2 rack mounting units were bought on eBay. They need cleaning up and new power cables, then testing. They are probably ex-British Telecom PDU's as the Type Number is 888/BT/SW/F.

November 2012

Rewired with new mains input cables plus cable glands and tested both units.

Front Panel Master Switch & 7 Circuit Switches
Rear Panel Cable Inlet & 7 Circuit Sockets
All the internal wiring uses crimp spade connectors
The individual on/off switches have neon indicators which only use 1mA each. All circuits are fused at 2A. The CEE22 Sockets have shutter protection and retaining clips. 
These units will be used in a Rack Cabinet to distribute 230Vac power.

September 2019

One of the items of equipment connected to the Power Distribution Unit stopped working. On investigation, the PDU individual power on/off switch had failed open-circuit. This is surprisng as the PDU was manufactured in 2008, so only 11 years old and installed in a dry warm room. Even worse, the rest of the switches were either very stiff to operate, or were arcing when switched, or the neons were intermittant. Possibly a consequence of not being switched regularly.

I decided to replace all the switches for new ones as this was definitely a hazard. An email to Olson for technical support didn't get a response, not good! Taking the PDU's apart and the switch was identified as Arcoelectric 1353 series and replacements are available from Farnell 242834.

Irritatingly the new switches are slightly larger so all the panel holes had to be filed out by hand! It must have been hard work manufacturing these PDU's. Now reinstalled in the rack cabinet. I will make sure that all the switches are periodically switched off and on.

August 2021

Now sold along with the house!