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The 2 Philips PM 5715 Pulse Generators were acquired as part of a 'Job Lot' and were described as 'not functioning correctly'. These Pulse Generators provide a useful 1Hz to 50MHz range with control of rise & fall times, delay, duration, amplitude, offset and inversion.

These are the /09 version and were made in Sweden. In 19xx they cost $xxx each.

Front Panel and Controls
The Trigg/Gate In can be used for external triggering or for an input pulse that needs reshaping. The Sync Out is a square wave +1.5Vp into a 50Ω load. The Aux Out is a fixed pulse +2.5Vp into 50Ω load. The Pulse Out is the main fully controlled output with amplitudes of 0.5Vp, 1.5Vp & 5Vp into a 50Ω load, plus a 10Vp unterminated output.

November 2011

The Instruction Manual and Change Information were downloaded. Some repair work is required to get these 2 Pulse Generators fully operational again, for details see Repair Philips PM 5715 Pulse Generator. There is a useful block diagram and typical waveforms on page 7 of the Instruction Manual.

December 2011

By combining 2 PM 5715's a dual channel generator can be configured. The Sync Out of the 1st unit can feed the Trigg/Gate In of the 2nd unit. Either independant outputs can be used, or they can be mixed in a passive power combiner to produce a combined output.

December 2011

Now repaired, both PM 5715's have been tested and calibrated.

February 2016

As I have only used these Pulse Generators very occasionally, decided to sell them. I have a range of other pulse generators that I can use. NOW SOLD