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My major project was to acquire, repair and performance test, measurement systems for logic analysis, network analysis and spectrum analysis up to 18GHz.  Now that this project has been completed, I made some notes on how to use these systems and their applications.

These are my working notes on how to set up and operate this equipment, very useful if you are not using the equipment regularly. The alternative is to read all the Manuals.

In addition, there are a few other items of test equipment that are complicated to set up and use, so operating notes are included for these as well.

..... Or read the Manuals ! 
August 2019 
Have now sold all my 141T based Spectrum Analyser equipment and all my 8407A / 8410C based Network Analyser equipment.

June 2020

Added the HP 8594E Spectrum Analyser.

April 2022

Added the HP 8175A Digital Signal Generator