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Azur Electronics

This could be a very long list!  There are lots of areas that I am interested in and I often get distracted to read up on a new topic.  It's also sometimes frustrating to realise just how little you know about a subject.  I am however learning a lot more about how various items of test equipment work, plus the techniques and applications involved.  This is especially true of working above my comfort zone of 100MHz.

So far I have concentrated on acquiring suitable test equipment (mainly thanks to eBay) and have just about completed this task.  My budget for this was £5,000 and I am currently well under this, with just a few items still required [see Wanted list].  Refurbishing and selling surplus items has also helped to reduce my overall expenditure [see For Sale list].  Maybe over time I will be able to achieve this electronics hobby all for no cost.

Now I have nearly got all this test equipment working and performance checked.  Considering that some of it is nearly 40 years old, it's not surprising that it is out of calibration and that there are a few faults to fix.  This is the time consuming part and with this being a part-time hobby, progress is very much slower than I would ideally like.  I know some people just collect test gear, but I do have some specific projects that are in progress to design new equipment and have them manufactured under licence.
My new designs are not included in this website, maybe later!

Apart from these, my 3 main Research areas are: 

   •   Logic Analysers 

   •   Network Analysers 

   •   Spectrum Analysers     

These are all long-term projects that involve me in some fundamental research, then acquiring, understanding and building complete test systems. 

These projects are not listed in any order of priority, as this tends to change from time to time, either when I am held up by various issues or when I complete something [see Completed Projects].  This is often by not having the recommended test equipment, sometimes alternatives can be used or a different test method devised.  If the equipment is obviously working to the accuracy or functionality that I need then I am satisfied as there is no point in attempting full calibration.