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A lot of test equipment requires various accessories as part of the operating configuration. These include: adaptors; aerials; attenuators; cables; couplers; detectors; power splitters; sensors; terminations; etc. Some of these accessories are general purpose items that can be used with a variety of equipment. Often these accessories are specific to the item of test equipment. 

When the equipment is no longer required and sold on, these accessories are often discarded along with the Manuals. This makes these accessories sometimes hard to find and expensive!


BNC male with wideband telescopic aerial.

For use with Spectrum Analyser.


These are RF passive devices used to couple a specific proportion of the power travelling in one transmission line out through another port. This enables power levels to be sensed without making a direct connection to the transmission line carrying the power. Applications include power level monitoring and automatic level control (ALC).

MAC Technology C4238-20 Wideband Directional Coupler. SMA connectors, 20dB coupling, 0.9dB insertion loss, 15dB directivity 2-12.4GHz, 12dB directivity 12.4-18GHz, 1.40 VSWR primary line, 1.50 VSWR secondary line, 25W max.
MAC Technology CA3333-40A High Power Directional Coupler. N-type and SMA connectors, 40dB coupling, 0.2dB insertion loss, 16dB directivity 1-4GHz, 1.20 VSWR primary line, 600W max.
Ports 1 & 2 are the main transmission line. Port 3 is the coupled port and Port 4 is the isolated port which may be internally or externally terminated. The coupling loss is between Ports 1 & 3. The insertion loss is between Ports 1 & 2. The directivity is between Ports 3 & 4. Isolation is between Ports 1 & 4.


These are RF passive devices for measuring RF power levels. RF power applied can be continuous wave (CW) or modulated. They are essentially diodes that rectify the RF signal and produce a dc voltage output. The crystal detector can be used as a demodulator to obtain a pulse envelope which can be seen on an oscilloscope.

HP 8470A Crystal Detector.

10MHz to 18GHz bandwidth, negative dc output, 100mW max.

HP 8471A RF Detector. 
100kHz to 1,200MHz bandwidth, negative dc output, 3Vrms max. 
HP 86290-60045 Detector.

2GHz to 18GHz, negative dc output. This RF Detector has now been SOLD.

Radiall R 451570 Coaxial Detector.

Power Sensors

These power sensors are used specifically with the HP 435/436/438/438 series of Power Meters and the HP 8901B Modulation Analyser.

HP 8481A Power Sensor.

1µW to 100mW, -30dBm to +20dBm, 10MHz to 18GHz.

See Power Meters for details.

HP 8484A Power Sensor.

0.3nW to 10µW, -65dBm to -20dBm, 10MHz to 18GHz.

See Power Meters for details.

Power Dividers / Splitters

These are RF passive devices that split the input power equally to 2 output ports.

Greenpar Power Divider.

6dB insertion loss, 10GHz bandwidth.

HP 11652-60009 Power Splitter.

6dB insertion loss, 110MHz bandwidth.

See HP 11652-60009 Power Splitter for details.

Now Sold

HP 8721A Power Splitter. 
6db insertion loss, 110MHz bandwidth. 
Can also be used as a directional bridge. See HP 8721A Directional Bridge for details. 

Now Sold

Mini Circuits ZSC-2-1 Power Splitter.

3dB insertion loss, 400MHz bandwidth.

See Mini Circuits Data Sheet for details.

HP 11667A Power Splitter

7dB insertion loss, 18GHz bandwidth.

See HP 11667A Power Splitter for details.

Generally, Power Dividers / Splitters are either 3 resistor or 2 resistor respectively.

Power Dividers have 3 resistors in a star configuration of 16.666Ω each. This divides a signal equally for comparison measurements. All ports have equivalent 16.666Ω resistance. Can also be used as a Power Combiner. Has a SWR of 3:1.

Power Splitters have 2 resistors splitting the input to 2 outputs. Used in ratio measurements and leveling loop applications. Only the input port has 50Ω resistance. Output ports have 83.333Ω resistance. Has a SWR of 1:1.

I have a good paper from the National Conference of Standards Laboratories on this subject "Choosing the Right Power Splitter: Two-resistor or Three-resistor" by Benny R Smith.


These are passive devices for terminating a signal in 50Ω.

BNC 50Ω Terminations.

Tektronix 011-0049-01 BNC 50Ω Inline Termination, used with HP 5316A Universal Counter.

HP 08553-60122 50 ohm Termination.

Used with HP 141T Display Section.

Now Sold

HP 1250-2656 50Ω Termination, DC to 18GHz, N-type male connector.

Plus 2 others unbranded.


These are used to switch a RF signal from one port to another and require a control voltage to switch.

HP 33312B Coaxial Switch.

DC to 18GHz, Option 011 5Vdc Drive, Max RF Power 1W CW, 4 SMA(f). See HP 33312B Coaxial Switch for details.

2 off HP 8761A SPDT RF Switch.

DC to 18GHz. One is Option 000 with 3 off N-type(m) connectors and the other is Option 001 with 2 off N-type(m) and 1 off N-type (f) connectors. See HP 8761A SPDT RF Switch for details.

... and Finally ...

Some miscellaneous accessories.

HP 0960-0092 DC Return and Block.

100kHz to 18GHz bandwidth, SMA (f) connectors, 40V max.

HP 11072A Isolator.

Used with HP 3406A Broadband Sampling Voltmeter.

HP 11660A Tracking Generator Shunt.

(Home made version). Used with HP 8556A LF Section. This is just a resistor of 54.5Ω across the Tracking Generator output. This is used to modify the source impedance from 600Ω to 50Ω.

Now Sold

Mini Circuits ZFM-15 Frequency Mixer.

10MHz to 3GHz bandwidth, SMA (f) connections.  See Mini Circuits Data Sheet for details.