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Measuring frequency is a fundamental requirement which becomes more difficult the higher the frequency or the more complex the waveform. Frequency is measured in Hz, kHz, MHz & GHz.

HP Application Notes: 200 Fundamentals of Electronic Counters; 200-1 Fundamentals of Microwave Electronic Counters; 200-2 Fundamentals of Quartz Oscillators; 200-3 Fundamentals of Time Interval Measurements; and 200-4 Understanding Frequency Counter Specifications, provide useful reference information.

Frequency Counters can often make time and ratio measurements as well.

I have a variety of test equipment available for frequencies up to 24GHz.
The HP 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter measures the frequency of signals in the range of 10Hz to 24GHz.

I use this as my main bench counter and it also provides a 10MHz Reference output for other test equipment.

For details see HP 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter.

The HP 5316A Universal Counter measures frequencies in the range of DC to 100MHz.

I use this mainly for timing measurements.

For details see HP 5316A Universal Counter.

The Black Star Apollo 100MHz Universal Counter-Timer measures frequencies in the range DC to 100MHz.

Now sold.

For details see Black Star "Stack".

The Thandar TF200 LCD Frequency Meter measures frequencies from 10Hz to 200MHz. Not preferred as it has a LCD display.

Now sold.

For details see Thandar "Stack".

The Thandar TF600 LED Frequency Meter measures frequencies from 5Hz to 600MHz.

I have 2 of these for monitoring various outputs of test equipment in use and it actually works all the way up to 950MHz!

For details see Thandar "Stack".

Other test equipment for measuring frequency includes: 

HP 141T Display Section, up to 18GHz. Now Sold.

HP 8443A Tracking Generator Counter, up to 110MHz. Now Sold.

HP 8445B Automatic Preselector, up to 18GHz. Now Sold.

Tektronix 468 Digital Storage Oscilloscope, up to 100MHz.

LeCroy 9310 Dual 300MHz Oscilloscope, up to 300MHz.

HP 8901B Modulation Analyser, up to 1.3GHz.

HP 180A Oscilloscope, up to 50MHz. Now Sold.

June 2009 

The HP 5342A has a 10MHz TCXO output which is the most stable oscillator of all the Counters. Using this as the external clock source for the other Counters and Signal Generators has improved their correlation to a few Hz. A Signal Distribution Unit SDU106 has been constructed to provide a 10MHz 50Ω feed to the HP 5316A, the 2 Thandar TF600's, the HP 8657B, the HP 8901B, plus spares and a divider chain down 1MHz 50Ω, to lock all this test equipment to one clock source.

December 2014

The HP 8901B Modulation Analyser measures the frequency of signals in the range of 150kHz to 1300MHz. For details see HP 8901B Modulation Analyser.