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TF1246 40kc/s - 50Mc/s OSCILLATOR

The Marconi Instruments TF1245 Circuit Magnification Meter and TF1246 40kc/s - 50Mc/s Oscillator were bought on eBay UK. Also acquired were 3 Inductors: TM1438/I 250µH; TM1438/K 1mH; TM1438/Q 200µH; and the TF1245 Operating and Maintenance Handbook. These were manufactured circa 1960.

TF1246 and TF1245
July 2020

This was an impulse buy as I generally avoid thermionic valve technology equipment.

A bit of nostalgia really as this was one of the first items of test equipment that I used at the very start of my electronics career. All the trainees from R&D, Production and Test had to spend 2 weeks in the wiring school with all the new assembly line ladies learning how to wire and solder to military standards and 2 weeks in the coil winding shop. 'Q' wasn't just for James Bond, but measuring inductance and capacitance at various frequencies and adjusting for maximum Q with those grey Marconi boxes seemed so laboriously slow!

Downloaded TF1245 & TF1246 Manuals, Measurements by Q Meter and extra circuit diagrams which provide some more detail.

Too risky to just power-up this 60 year old equipment, so will partially strip down to inspect and test the parts.
... more to follow ...