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The HP 8447D Amplifier is a general purpose wideband amplifier with a frequency range of 100kHz to 1.3GHz. This cost $765 in 1980. A Manual was downloaded.

Front view
Gain is 26dB ±1.5dB with a noise figure of <8.5dB and a maximum output level of +7dBm. 50Ω input and output impedance and a maximum dc input voltage of ±10V.

Other versions were also available:
8447A 100kHz to 400MHz, 20dB gain, >+6dB output;
8447C 30MHz to 300MHz, 30dB gain, >+17dB output;
8447E 100kHz to 1.3GHz, 22dB gain, >+15dB output.
Also the 8447F which is a D and E version in one case.

Rear view with cover removed
Top view with cover removed
The Amplifier consists of a power supply and a thin film hybrid integrated circuit amplifier which is hermetically sealed. This has low noise, low distortion, flat frequency response, long term stability & reliability. Front Panel BNC input and output connectors.

July 2007

The 8447D is in good condition and just needed cleaning. Powers up ok and a quick test shows that it is amplifying without any obvious distortion. Performance tests need to be carried out.