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Analogue Television and Video has been obsolete for a number of years and the format is now digital, with content increasingly streamed over the internet rather than satellite or radio frequency transmission. 405 line transmission was discontinued in 1985 and 625 line transmission was discontinued in 2012.

A significant part of my career was involved with developing and manufacturing video equipment for broadcast and fibre optic applications. It was amazing how much data could be included with the luminance and chrominance of the fairly fragile video waveform. Most of my work was with the PAL 625 line 50Hz system, although I was involved with the development of a NTSC 525 line 60Hz to PAL Frame Store Converter which filled 2 Rack Cabinets.  Now it can all be achieved on a Smart Phone.

So one of my 2021 "Lockdown" Projects is to sort out all my Analogue TV & Video Equipment and convert some old VHS video tapes to digital format and edit them on my PC. This might get interrupted by some of my other hobbies such as classic cars or golf as the weather improves!
Cable and Connectors

It is important to keep all the cables and connectors separate from 50Ω RF and Test cables as they are not compatible.

The Belling-Lee coaxial connector is used for VHF/UHF, Aerials, TV's, etc. Male Coax Plug and Female Coax Socket.

Phono coaxial connectors are used for video and audio.

DIN 3 & 5 pin connectors are used for audio.

SCART connectors are used for interconnecting TV's VCR's CD/DVD Players.

BNC 75Ω coaxial connectors and 75Ω coaxial cable are used on more professional equipment.

pic of cables
BlackStar Orion PAL TV & Video Pattern Generator

This generates a variety of test patterns at RF and Video frequencies.

A versatile generator with various video outputs including Composite, RGB & Intensity, line syncs, field syncs, mixed syncs, or external video. Internal 1kHz audio or external audio. RF modulator for VHF channels E5 (66.75MHz video 63.25MHz sound) to E12 (209.75MHz video 206.25MHz sound) and UHF channels 28 (527.25MHz video 533.25MHz sound) to 69 (855.25MHz video 861.25MHz sound). Selectable sound carrier at 5.5Mhz, 6.0Mhz or 6.5MHz.

Goodmans C530 TV / Monitor

Small 6" colour television and video monitor with power adaptor and an infra red remote control.

TV frequency range of VHF channels 2 to 12 and UHF channels 21 to 69.
Power Supply 12 - 14Vdc at 1,700mA.
Telescopic Aerial or external RF input.
Monitor phono video and audio inputs.

A useful compact TV/Monitor for test purposes.