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The Thurlby DA100 Protocol Analyser is for use on asynchronous serial data communications systems, particularly RS-232. The DA100 provides baud rate analysis, data word format analysis, data monitoring (ASCII or Hex), triggered data capturing and test data generation.

This was made by Thurlby-Thandar Ltd in Cambridge, UK.

DA100, DA101 and DA102
The DA100 uses the DA101 LCD Display Unit as its display device, or it can use an Oscilloscope to display 32 characters of alpha-numeric text.

The DA102 "Breakout Box" provides a convenient means of making connections into an EIA RS-232 / CCITT V.24 system.

Powered by an internal 9V PP3 Battery or external 12Vdc supply.

February 2009

Bought on eBay and downloaded Operating Manual, although no circuit or parts list provided. To be tested when I have time.

3 Units separated
Quite a clever design and all 3 units are easily accessible for maintenance.

August 2017

8 Years later and I still haven't tested this. Maybe not much need for RS-232 any more. At one time RS-232 took up a lot of my time!

September 2019

Down-sizing any unused equipment so this is now for sale.

Now sold.