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October 2019

Not exactly a repair, but the 8594E needed the internal battery checking. This is a backup battery for RAM data. The one-piece cover is straightforward to remove, details in the Service Guide. There was quite a bit of dust inside which needed cleaning.

Top view with cover removed
Bottom view with cover removed
PCB with Battery is in the bottom left hand corner
Side view left hand side
Side view right hand side
A16 A1 Piggy-Back Assembly
The A16 A1 PCB lifts off the A16 PCB. There are 4 white plastic clip pillars holding them together. Take care separating them!

A16 A1 Assembly
There are 2 black plastic clips holding the white insulating cover.
Do not put the pcb on a conductive surface as this can delete data!
The B1 battery is a 3V CR2477 Panasonic which is soldered on.
Next to it is C1 a 220nF 5.5V super-capacitor. This holds enough charge to provide power for up to 8 hours while the battery is replaced.

I will order a spare battery as it will need replacing a some point.

All re-assembled and the CAL routine run ok.

There is no information on the A8 Power Supply in the CLIP.

This is almost certainly a bought-in PSU, parts and circuit diagrams may not be available.