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All the connections between the HP 8620C Sweep Oscillator and any of the RF Plug-In's are via a 36 way Amphenol 'Blue' socket (8620C) and plug (RF Plug-In).

Socket J6
In this view of the 8620C
the pin numbering is:
36 - 18
19 - 1

In this view of the
RF Plug-In
the pin numbering is:
18 - 36
1 - 19

  Socket J6  


Pin 1 Tuning Voltage Output
Pin 2 CW and Manual Gate
Pin 3 RF Blanking (Switched)
Pin 4   0.1 to 0.01 Sec Range Position  
Pin 5 External AM
Pin 6 Switched 1kHz AM 
Pin 7 Sweep Time Adjust 
Pin 8 Stop Sweep Pulse 
Pin 9 +20V Frequency Reference 
Pin 10 Frequency Reference Ground 
Pin 11 -10V Frequency Reference 
Pin 12 n.c.
Pin 13 RF SW POS 1 DR Cont 
Pin 14 n.c.
Pin 15 RF SW POS 2 DR Cont 
Pin 16 n.c.
Pin 17 n.c.
Pin 18 Sequential Sync 
Pin 19 Attenuation Enable 
Pin 20 10dB
Pin 21 20dB
Pin 22 40dB
Pin 23 Sweep Out J1 
Pin 24 RF Blanking (Unswitched) 
Pin 25 Decoder Band 2 
Pin 26 Decoder Band 1 
Pin 27 Decoder Band 4 
Pin 28 Decoder Band 3 
Pin 29 -40V 
Pin 30 Unregulated -10V 
Pin 31 -10V
Pin 32 Ground High Current 
Pin 33 +5V 
Pin 34 +20V
Pin 35 Ground Low Current 
Pin 36 ALC Marker 
Socket J6
NOTE: The 8620C Functions are used as required by the various HP 86200 Series RF Plug-Ins.

February 2010

An Extender Cable (08620-60032) is required to operate the RF Plug-In outside of the 8620C for maintenance purposes. As these seem to be very hard to find, I decided to make one up from a 36 way Centronics socket out of a scrap Epson printer and the correct 36 way Amphenol Blue plug (supplied by Steve K, thank you). A fairly time consuming task!
August 2019 
All the 8407A & 8410C based Network Analyser System, including the 08620-60032 Extender Cable, has now been Sold.