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Dismantled for Spares

The HP 8620A Sweep Oscillator has been carefully dismantled down to 'Assembly' level so that I can cannibalise parts for use elsewhere, or maybe some of it will be useful to someone else to repair their unit. Please Contact Me if you need any of these parts.

This was the state of the HP 8620A before dismantling.
Some front panel parts are missing.

NOTE: I can not guarantee that all the parts are tested ok, but on powering-up the 8620A with a Variac all seemed ok. The power supply provided all the correct voltage rails and the Sweep Out was the correct ramp or voltage level in Sweep, ΔF, CW, CW Vernier and Stop modes.

Printed Circuit Board Assemblies
08620-60074 Sweep Generator [Brown handles] A1 Assembly

08620-60007 Frequency Control [Red handles] A2 Assembly

08620-60008 Logic [Orange handles] A3 Assembly

08620-60009 Power Supply [Yellow handles] A4 Assembly

08620-60010 Power Supply [Green handles] A5 Assembly

NOTE: A6 Assembly [Blue handles] is an option for BCD or HP-IB programming.
Not fitted in this 8620A.

08620-60064 Operations Control [Violet handles] A7 Assembly

08620-60013 Rectifier Diode A8 Assembly

08620-60080 Motherboard with edge connector 88 way {2 x 44 way)

Other Parts
The Front Panel Assembly is a complicated beast! 

The 5 controls and pointers all work correctly, although the miniature lamps, control knobs and indicator bands are missing.

The spring in the Mode switch is missing and the Trigger switch is broken. 

The rest of the switches and the microswitch contacts are all ok.

The Rear Panel includes the mains power input, 3 slide switches and transistor mounting sockets (all working ok).

4 Power Transistors with Insulating Pads
Not available
Transformer 9100-3106 (working)

Electrolytic Capacitors:
Sprague Powerlytic
900-100DC HP 0180-2316
3600-40DC HP 0180-2317
3600-40DC HP 0180-2317
2600-50DC HP 0180-2180
Not available

Mains Power Switch, no lamp or lens              Fan unit (working)

Various metal parts

Case with side covers and top & bottom covers

SOLD thanks Chris

August 2019 
All the 8407A & 8410C based Network Analyser System, including the 8620A Parts, has now been Sold.

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