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Dismantled for Spares

The HP 8443A Tracking Generator Counter has been carefully dismantled down to 'Assembly' level so that I can cannibalise parts for use elsewhere, or maybe some of it will be useful to someone else to repair their unit. Please Contact Me if you need any of these parts.

This was the state of the HP 8443A before dismantling.
Outer case missing and slight damage to front panel controls.

Rear panel and interior all in good condition.

Individual Assemblies
HP Part No 08443-60117 
Assembly A1
Low Frequency Counter Assembly
with A1A2 Fan Motor Assembly
HP Part No 08443-60070
SOLD Thanks Magnus

HP Part No 08443-60001 
Assembly A2
0 to 120dB Attenuator
HP Part No 08443-60002
Assembly A3
0 to 12dB Attenuator
Not available as I have used these 2 Attenuators in another unit

HP Part No 0960-0079
Assembly A4
1MHz Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator
SOLD Thanks Paolo

HP Part No 08443-60048
Assembly A5
Time Base Assembly
later versions had 08443-60094

HP Part No 08443-60047
Assembly A6
High Frequency Decade Assembly

HP Part No 08443-60046
Assembly A7
Marker Control
later versions had 08443-60097

HP Part No 08443-60045
Assembly A8
ALC Video Amplifier Assembly
with Video Amplifier
SOLD Thanks Terry

HP Part No 08443-60044
Assembly A9
Third Converter Assembly with Mixer and 120MHz Low Pass Filter

HP Part No 08443-60043
Assembly A10
200MHz IF Assembly
with 200MHz Bandpass Filter

HP Part No 08443-60042
Assembly A11
Second Converter Assembly

HP Part No 08443-60041
Assembly A12
50MHz IF Amplifier
with 50MHz Bandpass Filter

HP Part No 08443-60077
Assembly A13
First Converter Assembly

HP Part No 08443-60015
Assembly A14
Sense Amplifier Board Assembly

HP Part No 08443-60014
Assembly A15
Rectifier Board Assembly

HP Part No 08443-60038
Assembly A16
Switch Board Assembly
Note: 2 Plastic Levers Broken Off
SOLD Thanks Fred

HP Part No (not listed)
Assembly A17
Interconnection Jack Assembly
To HP 141T Spectrum Analyser
Red 200 to 310MHz from 8553
Orange Scan Ramp from 8552
Yellow 150MHz from 8553
Brown 3MHz IF from 8552
Blue 47MHz from 8552
Violet Zero Scan, Blanking

HP Part No 08443-60016
Assembly A18
Motherboard Assembly

HP Part No 08443-60089
Assembly A19
Digital Output Board Assembly

HP Part No 08443-60003
Assembly A20
Marker Position Assembly, Marker Intensity Variable Resistor, Marker Position Variable Resistor & Switch, 
Track Analyser Adjust Variable Resistor, RF Output Level Tenths Variable Resistor, Wiring & 30 Way Edge Connector
SOLD Thanks Dick

Chassis Parts
Power Transformer
HP Part No 9100-2886
SOLD Thanks Gerard

HP Part No 08443-00022
Motherboard Shield

Not sure what these plastic parts are, but possibly:
HP Part No 08443-00004 Front Motherboard Support
HP Part No 08443-00005 Rear Motherboard Support

This is the clear plastic cover for the Power Supply
Probably HP Part No 08443-00043 or 00046

HP Part No 08443-00053
Front Panel
HP Part No 08443-00055
Sub Panel
SOLD Thanks Matthew

HP Part No 08443-00003
Rear Panel

Internal Panel #1

Internal Panel #2

HP Part No 08443-20006

HP Part No 08443-20001
PC Board RF Shield
11 of these

August 2019  
Have now sold all my 141T based equipment.

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