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I bought the HP 8016A Word Generator as a 'spares or repair' unit on eBay UK for £15. This originally cost $8,700 in 1987. The 8016A is a 9 channel data generator capable of serialisation up to 256 bits. It provides programmable digital patterns plus adjustable timing parameters.

Adjustable pulse widths, levels and inter-channel delays make it an extremely versatile pulse generator. Option 001 is HP-IB and option 002 is a Card Reader interface, neither of which are fitted to this unit.

A data sheet is available on the internet but could not find the full Manual, only Section 1 'Introduction' and Section 3 'Operating Instructions'. I have since bought the full Manual (262 pages) from Artek.

Extensive front panel controls plus input & output BNC connectors
Rear panel with jack socket for Card Reader
and switch labelled "Last Byte" and "Zero"
Top and bottom covers removed
August 2008

I wanted the 8016A to generate a serial data signal to test some other equipment. It is generally in good condition with just a few bits of trim and the feet missing. After cleaning the unit up and starting system testing, it was obvious that although most functions were working, there were some functions that could not be controlled.

Some repair work is therefore required. For details see Repair HP 8016A Word Generator.

This is an extremely useful Pulse Generator, for instance a 32 bit waveform with every bit controllable, a frequency range of 0.5Hz to 50MHz and multiple outputs some of which can be delayed.

July 2019

After completing various design projects, I have decided to downsize my electronics workshop.  The 8016A has proved its worth and is now FOR SALE.

Now SOLD (thanks Chris)