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Dismantled for Spares

Front View
This was the state of the HP 141T Display Section before dismantling.  With the plug-in IF and RF Sections, the Display Section was working and a Spectrum Analyser trace obtained.   
The HP 141T has been carefully dismantled down to 'Assembly' level so that I can cannibalise parts for use elsewhere, or maybe some of it will be useful to someone else to repair their unit. Please Contact Me if you need any of these parts. 
I have the original HP Service Manual to help identify all the spare parts.

I have repaired a lot of HP equipment and usually start by dismantling to assembly level to clean everything up and inspect for any obvious problems. Normally an easy process, just take lots of photos and notes, occasionally have to desolder a wire or two, then reassembly. 
Not so with the 141T, this must have been a nightmare to manufacture! Complicated wiring looms and lots of individual pin contacts to the pcb's. Must have been a design throwback to valve (vacuum tube) technology and metal chassis. Cableforms pass through holes in metal panels, so impossible to remove. Some parts riveted on instead of screwed. Usual problem of connectors on front of panel with wiring behind, so again can't be removed. I didn't want to cut the cableforms, so had to cut the panels instead.

Printed Circuit Board Assemblies
HP 00141-66502 A6 Horizontal Driver Board
HP 00141-66513 A5 Pulse Circuit Board
HP 00141-66515 A1 Diode Board
HP 00141-66519 A2 Power Supply, some components missing!
SOLD (thanks Raymond)
Capacitor Assembly with wiring and bakelite cover
CRT 5083-2587, Shield and 00141-61103 High Voltage Tripler Assembly
SOLD   thanks Diego
CRT Socket & Wiring, 1200-0408 Cover CRT Socket, 5020-0476 Bezel CRT
Fan, Anti-Vibration Mounts, Fan Cover
2 Diodes 1N3209 1901-0032, Transistors have all been used elsewhere, Temperature Sensor, Insulators, Sockets, Mounting Brackets 
Mains Transformer 9100-0184
Various Parts: Switches (not Power Switch), Connectors,
Filter, Socket, Fuse, Lamp
Control Knobs, Fixed Resistors
Variable Resisitors
(Intensity & Focus, Trace Align & Astig, Time & Persistance all available)
SOLD   thanks Diego
Special D-type Cables for Aux A & B connections.
I will keep these as maintenance aids.

Cinch 24 way Blue Sockets.

Front and Rear Panels. The Rear Panel has been cut to allow the Aux A & Aux B cables to be removed with the metal parts retained.
Various metal parts. The Case, Top & Bottom Covers,
and Side Panels is also available.
August 2019 
Have now sold all my 141T based equipment.