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This is used with the HP 8555A RF Section to extend the frequency range to 40GHz. A HP Operating Note for the Mixer and Adaptors was downloaded.

Normal operation of the 8555A is from 10MHz to 18GHz. This External Mixer operates over the frequency range 12.4GHz to 40GHz.

It is connected to the 8555A by a BNC coaxial cable HP 10503A which carries the First Local Oscillator signal to the Mixer and returns the mixed output signal to the 8555A.

A waveguide port is provided.

Waveguide Adaptors are also required to connect the Mixer to the external signal.

 HP No   Frequency   Sensitivity   Band   Waveguide 
 11518A   12.4 to 18GHz  -80dBm P Band WR62
11519A 18 to 26.5GHz -70dBm K Band WR42
11520A 26.5 to 40GHz -60dBm R Band WR28
Saturation level is typically -15dBm. Burnout of the sensitive mixer diode is 1mW average.

My knowledge and experience with waveguides is minimal. A search on Google provides lots more information. Also, www.microwaves101.com is particularly informative on the subject of microwave engineering.